About Gleefeel - Our Company Information
The company was registered on December 23, 2015, Began Selling Custom Shower Curtains On Amazon,Now you can also buy our products through Amazon or Etsy,

When you want to custom make your own products easily, or want the lower cost custom made products, welcome you very much to visit Gleefeel custom make! We provide custom t-shirts,custom tire covers,custom shower curtains,custom tent tops,etc...Though it has been more than 5 years we provided custom make products to our customers overseas,we are still working hard.

As an innovative enterprise, it has become the largest partner of Kang Li Digital Direct Injection Equipment in Asia Pacific region. Up to now, it has provided customers with more than 500 high-quality customizable products, and the cumulative custom orders have exceeded 10 million orders.


What product categories and products, in particular, do we put forward?

Bathroom Category:
 -Shower Curtain
 -Bath Mat
 -Stall Shower Curtain

Home & Kitchen Category:
 -Kitchen Curtains
 -Outdoor Tablecloth
 -Place Mats
 -Kids Apron
 -Cutting Board
 -Area Rug

Bedding Category:
 -Pillow Sham
 -Throw Pillow Cushion Cover
 -Duvet Cover Set
 -Visco Elastic Pillow

Wall Art Category:
 -Wall Art

Animals Category:
 -Pet Mat for Food and Water

Car Category:
 -License Plate
 -Mini License Plate

Drinks Category:
 -Glass Mug

Fashion Category:
 -Men's T-Shirt
 -Women's T-Shirt

Bags Category:
 -Shopping Bag
 -Tote Bag
 -Drawstring Backpack
 -Gym Bag
 -Shoulder Bag
 -Messenger Bag

Tabletop Category:
 -Mouse Pad
 -Coaster Set of Four
 -Piggy Bank
 -Pencil Pen Holder

Fabric Category:
 -Fabric by the Yard