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Custom Gleefeel Square Towel

Product desciption

[Design Description] Full-frame printing, single-sided printing
[Material description] 100% polyester (microfiber)
[Product performance] Using unique microfiber fabric, the printing effect is bright and does not fade, the fabric has strong water absorption, and the fabric is fluffy, soft and skin-friendly, durable
[Applicable scenarios] Wide range of uses, such as kitchen, bathroom, swimming pool, beach, school, office, car, outdoor, travel, tourism, picnic, party, hotel, spa, gym, etc., can be used as commercial washing cloth, Table cloth, cleaning cloth, etc., as a hand towel, sweat towel, face towel, it helps to remove oil.
[Washing instructions] can be washed by hand or machine
Design tips:
A side printing area picture size: 1378 * 1378 px


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