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Custom Gleefeel Purse Hook

Product desciption

[Design Description] Full-frame printing
[Material description] made of aluminum alloy,
[Product performance] Keep the desktop simple, clean and safe. Keep the bag away from the floor and / or a crowded chair. Just hang the bag aside and away from thieves. The non-slip pads are fixed on the table so that your bag can be easily hung on the table. Please be careful not to use too thick a table. (Preferably within 1.97 inches).
[Applicable people] This is a fashionable way to ensure wallet security. The foldable and magnetic closure is easy to use and perfect for your bag. Child near the learning table.
[Accessory structure] Mini size, foldable and magnetic seal, easy to pack and store, you can take it wherever you want, without increasing the weight of the bag. (Ps: The maximum weight of the hook does not exceed 176.37 ounces)
Design tips:
A side printing area picture size: 449 * 449 px


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