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Custom Gleefeel Mobile Phone Holder

Product desciption

[Design Description] Full-frame printing, single-sided printing
[Material description] plastic (ABS) panel + metal (zinc alloy) ring buckle + back washable removable adhesive
[Product performance] 1. Comfortable use, stable and strong, anti-fall and anti-robbing, exquisite and popular 2. Metal ring 360-degree rotation and folding, free hands, multi-angle operation is convenient, storage does not take up space Attachment 4. Multifunctional ring stand, suitable for multiple scenes, compatible with multiple models
[Scenario] Small and practical, just paste it on the back of the phone
[Instructions] Please clean the surface of the mobile phone / phone case before use, keep it flat and smooth
Design tips:
A side printing area picture size: 3386 * 4160 px


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