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Custom Gleefeel Door Sign 5.5*7.5 In

Product desciption

[Design Description] Full-frame products, single-sided printing
[Material description] MDF (MDF)
[Product performance] Clear printing effect, fine workmanship, strong and beautiful, durable, easy installation
[Applicable scenarios] Personalized design makes your shop door listing eye-catching, hanging in the center of the door, door handles, drawer handles, wall hooks, flower decorations, the center of tables and chairs, etc., looks beautiful , The perfect gift for friends and family / Special gift for your own home.
Suitable for use anywhere, such as homes, shops, offices, clinics, law firms, hotels or in treatments, massages, spas, consultation meetings, etc.
[Accessories Information] MDF white wood board / screw / metal gasket
[Product structure] removable
Design tips:
A side printing area picture size: 827 * 636 px


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