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Custom Gleefeel Carpet 60 X 39 In

Product desciption

[Printing instructions] Full-frame products, single-sided printing
[Material description] flannel fabric (polyester)
[Product performance] High-density space elastic cotton interlayer, absorbs water, is soft to the touch, delicate fluff, does not ball, does not fade, the middle interlayer is a high-density memory sponge, which effectively relieves foot pressure.
[Applicable scenarios] Suitable for a variety of occasions: living room, office, coffee table, bed, balcony, etc.
[Product structure] The bottom of the floor mat is made of non-woven fabric + dot plastic bottom, which is more non-slip and durable.
[Washing instructions] Can be washed by water or machine, wear-resistant, and do not lint.
[Special note] For the convenience of logistics transportation, the floor mat will be folded and shipped. The customer may receive creases. After leaving it for 3-5 hours, the creases will disappear. Please rest assured to buy!
Design tips:
A side printing area picture size: 3686 * 2457 px


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