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Custom Gleefeel Bath Towel

Product desciption

[Design Description] Full-frame printing, single-sided printing
[Material description] ultra-fine fiber, 80% polyester fiber + 20% polyamide fiber
[Product performance] Using unique microfiber fabric, the printing effect is bright and does not fade. The fabric has strong water absorption, and the fabric is fluffy, soft and skin-friendly. Due to the fluffy and soft characteristics of the fabric, it can also be used as a blanket.
[Scenario] Bathroom, swimming pool, beach, school, outdoor, travel, tourism, picnic, etc., can be used as a memorable gift or souvenir, personalized pattern customization will bring you envy, especially for holidays, singles Party, wedding, birthday, traveler, and anyone who loves swimming or sunbathing is a great choice!
[Accessory structure] One side is a pattern and one side is white fluff.
[Washing instructions] The product is not suitable for high-temperature hot washing above 40 degrees; the fluff is fueled when it is launched for the first time, there will be slight discoloration during cleaning, and the product itself will not fade; Keep the original pattern.
Design tips:
A side printing area picture size: 2701 * 5292 px


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